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Glossary R


Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of 1970


radiological weapon

radius class

radius of operations

railroad protective liability

railroad sidetrack agreement


ratable losses


rate basis

rated insurer

rate discrimination

rate making

rate manual

rate of natural change

rate on line (ROL)


rating bureau

rating class

rating experience

rating methodology



readjustment income

real estate brokers errors and omissions

real property

reasonable accommodation

reasonable repairs

reasonably available control technology (RACT)





reciprocal insurance



recurrent disability

recurring clause




reduced paid-up insurance

reformation (of an insurance policy)

refund annuity

registered agent

registered mail coverage

Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU)


regression analysis

regulated asbestos-containing material (RACM)

regulated medical waste

Regulation 114 trust

regulatory agency exclusion

regulatory estoppel

regulatory risk

rehabilitation management

reimbursement policies


reinstatement premium


reinsurance agreement

reinsurance assumed

reinsurance captive

reinsurance ceded

reinsurance commission

reinsurance confirmation

reinsurance credit

reinsurance/hedging strategy optimization

reinsurance intermediaries

reinsurance pool

reinsurance premium

reinsurance recoverable

reinsurance sidecar

reinsurance treaty

reinsurance wheel



reinsurer's margin

related claims provisions

related person insurance income (RPII)

related product liability exclusion

related risk


relief well coverage

remedial action (RA)

remedial design

remedial investigation

remedial project manager (RPM)

remedial response


remediation cost cap policy


renewable term

renewal certificate

renewal policy


rental captive

rental cost reimbursement (cost of hire) endorsement

rents or rental value insurance


repatriation of dividends insurance

replacement cost coverage

reportable quantity (RQ)

reported losses

reporting form coverage

reporting lag

repossessed autos endorsement


representations and warranties insurance

reproduction cost

reputational risk

request for proposal (RFP)

Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA)

reservation of rights


reserved but not enough (RBNE)

residence employee: homeowners policy

resident agent

residential wrap-up

residual market

residual market load (RML)

residual market loading

residual value insurance

res ipsa loquitur

res judicata

Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

respondeat superior

response action

restitution of fees

results standards

resumption plan

retail agent

retaliation claims

retaliatory law

retaliatory suits


retention ability

retention plan

retired directors liability policies

retirement annuity

retirement income policy

retraction provisions

retroactive conversion

retroactive date

retroactive insurance




retrocessional pools

retrospective aggregates

retrospective rating

return of premium (or cash value)

return of professional fees exclusion

return of remuneration exclusion

return on equity (ROE)

return on risk-adjusted capital (RORAC)

return premium

return-to-work program

reverse flow business




riggers liability insurance

right of offset

right of recourse provision

Right to Repair Law


rip and tear coverage


risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC)

risk-adjusted return on risk-adjusted capital (RARORAC)

risk-adjustment investment (capital)

Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS)

risk appetite

risk assumption

risk-based capital (RBC) requirements

risk capital

risk charge

risk concentration

risk control

risk dashboard

risk distribution

risk financing

risk gap

risk identification

risk index

risk management

risk management information system (RMIS)

risk management process

risk management techniques

risk manager

risk map/mapping

risk pool

risk prioritization

risk profile

risk purchasing group (RPG)

risk quantification

risk reduction

risk retention

Risk Retention Act (RRA)

risk retention group (RRG)

risk securitization

risk sharing

risk shifting

risk smoothing

risk tolerance

risk types

risk volatility


road rage


robbery and safe burglary coverage, money and securities form Q

robbery and safe burglary coverage, other than money and securities form D

rolling policy limits

rolling wrap-up

Rule 11 sanctions

running down clause



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I found the rare breed of insurance company that fights for you and stands by you. If you are looking for an insurance company that has integrity and amazing customer service, I would hands down, wholeheartedly recommend Santa Maria

Eli I., Remodeling Contractor
As a home builder in Northern California, I have endured numerous complicated issues while trying to protect my business from unforeseen liabilities, satisfying the multiple requirements of individual municipalities, and doing so at a reasonable expense. Santa Maria and Company has been instrumental in these dealings by providing quality advice, creative alternative solutions, and excellent service.

Dennis C., Home Builder
Santa Maria & Company helped guide our business through a difficult time by being proactive, informing us of potential obstacles, and avoiding surprises. Their customer focus has clearly covered the present, the future, and the 'what if' conditions that all businesses must deal with. We feel that our company is very well prepared to handle our complicated risk-related issues because of their support and guidance.

Robert M., Equipment Manufacturing Executive
The company is sincere, honest, always looking out for our best interests. They continually work to understand our business, to develop strategies to mitigate our exposure. That gives us a real competitive advantage.

Shaun M., Food Industry Risk Manager
Santa Maria & Company has helped us solve some tough insurance challenges, but they continue to identify emerging risks, such as cybercrime, and help us protect against them. Their customer service is fantastic.

Jeff B., Medical Industry CFO
This company knows the local insurance market better than the larger brokers ever could. They are true experts who take the time to explain all of our coverage options and help us make the right decisions. It's almost like having an insurance professional on staff.

Matt A., Food Industry Executive
It is a real advantage to work with risk insurance experts that have underwriting experience. Since we have been working with Santa Maria, we've grown a great deal and other companies are always trying to win our business. Santa Maria has the expertise in insurance and high tech industry risks that we need and their personal service is excellent.

Cynthia G., Technology Industry Executive